Welcome to the New England Region of the Viper Owners Association

Welcome to the New England Region of the Viper Owners Association! Our club is run by Viper enthusiasts for Viper enthusiasts with lots of events catered to getting the most enjoyment out of our 10-cylinder factory race cars.

Please feel free to peruse the pages of our Web site. Check out our Calendar of Events, thumb through our gallery of photos from previous events, take advantage of the forums and classifieds, and keep an eye out for updates to our club news. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, the club officers are always willing to listen and make new friends.

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October 5th 2014 - Fall Foliage Cruise Weekend
The leaves are turning color so it must be time for our annual Fall Foliage Cruise. This is the last event before the annual Christmas party in Dec. Lets make this a big one!

For those of you in the south, the color this year is coming in bright making for some great photos.

Of course we will stop for lunch, and maybe ice cream if its still warm out by then.

More details to follow via evite: Bring your cameras people.

August 3rd 2014 - 9th Annual New England Clambake
I can’t believe it; the annual clambake is upon us. It is the 9th annual event that Glenn and Maria Cote started oh so many years ago. This year's event is being held at the Ruiz home in Peabody, MA.

If you have never attended this event, then you need to know this is an event not to be missed. Last year we had over 25 cars. We want to hit 30 this year. Hence some changes below.

Chris will start us off with a cruise on the back roads of southern NH going into northern MA. We will eventually end up at the Ruiz’s Home. When we arrive you’ll be treated with a full fledge New England Clambake. Your choice is a lobster, chicken, or steak as the main course with Ľ lb of steamers. Of course there will be salad, corn, mac salad, along with desserts, and drinks, etc.

The cost of the clambake is $25.00 per person. Let us know your food choices when RSVP’ing.

We need to have the reservations back ASAP (RSVP by 7/30/13). We will collect the money at the event. This event is rain or shine. So if you reply saying you’re going, please show up or I will eat your lobster...

We will meet at Sam's Club, Exit 1off Rte. 95, at 10:00 and leave at 10:30. The cruise is the second half of Martin's that we didn't get to do earlier this month.
Please bring your 2 way radios if you have them. This is one of our most favorite events of the year with lots of cars.

Food choices:

PS, please use the VOA forum for all other comments and chats. This will make it easier for us to get the head count out of Evite. Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you there!

Evite Instructions: When you get the evite email, click Yes, or No. That will take you right to evite where you can then fill in the number of guest attending the event (1 for you, 2 for you and a guest). This step is critical. You can then also enter a comment. In this case please enter all guests food preferences (lobster, steak, chicken).