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August 3rd 2014 - 9th Annual New England Clambake
I can’t believe it; the annual clambake is upon us. It is the 9th annual event that Glenn and Maria Cote started oh so many years ago. This year's event is being held at the Ruiz home in Peabody, MA.

If you have never attended this event, then you need to know this is an event not to be missed. Last year we had over 25 cars. We want to hit 30 this year. Hence some changes below.

Chris will start us off with a cruise on the back roads of southern NH going into northern MA. We will eventually end up at the Ruiz’s Home. When we arrive you’ll be treated with a full fledge New England Clambake. Your choice is a lobster, chicken, or steak as the main course with ¼ lb of steamers. Of course there will be salad, corn, mac salad, along with desserts, and drinks, etc.

The cost of the clambake is $25.00 per person. Let us know your food choices when RSVP’ing.

We need to have the reservations back ASAP (RSVP by 7/30/13). We will collect the money at the event. This event is rain or shine. So if you reply saying you’re going, please show up or I will eat your lobster...

We will meet at Sam's Club, Exit 1off Rte. 95, at 10:00 and leave at 10:30. The cruise is the second half of Martin's that we didn't get to do earlier this month.
Please bring your 2 way radios if you have them. This is one of our most favorite events of the year with lots of cars.

Food choices:

PS, please use the VOA forum for all other comments and chats. This will make it easier for us to get the head count out of Evite. Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you there!

Evite Instructions: When you get the evite email, click Yes, or No. That will take you right to evite where you can then fill in the number of guest attending the event (1 for you, 2 for you and a guest). This step is critical. You can then also enter a comment. In this case please enter all guests food preferences (lobster, steak, chicken).

July 1st 2014 - Shotgun Shoot
This event started out as a good excuse to just shoot guns, but now it has turned into so much more. Not only will we be shooting things (clay pigeon), on a 100 round 12 stage sporting clay course. When you to tired shoot another round we will feed you a nice juicy steak lunch.

See evite for event details.

We should arrive by 12:00. We will take golf carts around the course in small groups going from stage to stage shooting clay targets flying in different directions.

To end the day we will have a private BBQ lunch featuring steak, and salads. Yes there will be desert as well.

We could use some help with guns. If you have a shotgun or two that you could bring that would be great. If you need a gun they have a few for rent ($30).

Full competition round (100 shots) - $45 pp

Fun shooting (25 shots) - $10

Members will pay for their own shooting.

You will also need ear protection!

Lunch is $20pp.

June 29th 2014 - Brew Cruise
The all new Brew Cruise is just what it sounds like. A cruise to a few local breweries where we will tour how they make beer, and if you want sample a beer or two. No heavy drinking for me though, since I won't have a dd.

We will do a small cruise in the area as we head to our first stop. This event is less driving and more social than most events.

We will meet at Sam's Club in Seabrook NH at 11:00 with an 11:30 departure.

FYI lunch might be a bit late, depending on how long the tours take.

We will end the tour with lunch at... where else a brewery (TBD).

June 1st 2014 - Gloucester Cruise, Cook Out, and Garage Showing
We have added an event to the itinerary for this year!!! (It is not currently on your 2014 itinerary). It is Sunday June 1st. Some of you may remember the Gloucester, MA event last year, which ended up with a big lunch/BBQ at my girlfriend Dominique’s home in North Reading. Dominique’s family are major car enthusiasts and have quite the collection of cars as well as an awesome garage. It’s the perfect atmosphere for a viper club event. Well we are looking to do it again, hopefully will have good weather.

As of right now the plan is to do a ride through Newburyport and Ipswich and end up in North Reading for another big Seafood lunch/car show. We will be serving lobster rolls (there will be plenty of seconds), plenty of baked haddock as well, and for you “non-seafood people” the usual hot dogs and hamburgers and a variety of drinks.

Last year there was about 45-50 cars at the house. In addition to the many vipers, we had a Lambo, “AC Cobras”, Novas, a Dodge little red express, Antique trucks, and some heavily modified Mustangs. There is plenty of safe parking as this house is located on a nice back road.

There is no charge for this event. That’s right, free lobster rolls just come and hang out!For now the tentative plans would be meeting at “Sam’s Club” parking lot in Seabrook NH (11 Batcheldor Rd. Seabrook NH 03874) (Exit 1 off 95) at 10am, for a 10:30am departure. Take a 1 hour and 30 min cruise through some nice back roads, perhaps a nice picture opportunity somewhere and end up in North Reading for lunch around noon time/1pm, Feel free to stay for the whole day or just for lunch. We will have a fire pit, music, and tons of good food.

Please try and bring your own chair (2 folding camping chairs fit easily in the back of any viper). We have a few extra chairs but are expecting a big turnout. If you can’t make it for the cruise, just meet us for lunch! The destination will be North Reading. Shoot for 1pm just in case the ride takes longer than expected. I truly hope you can make this event. Please let me know ASAP as it makes it easier for planning.

May 10th 2014 - Dyno Day
Dyno Day is upon us and as always requires some preplanning. Dyno Day at the old Pro Tree in Hudson is scheduled for Saturday the 10th.

That’s right I said the old Alex at Granite State & Dyno Tune will be providing us with a grill so Mr. Cook (Martin) can cook your burger to order. Alex has of a second awd dyno machine so if needed two car at once can pull.

In the past we were able to take a chance and book the whole day. This year they have a tiered pricing structure. So the more members that get on the dyno the more we all save.

Below are the rates for 2014 (includes lunch for the driver). Lunch for spectators is $5.

You get 3pulls, if we get:
00-10 cars is $65/car.
10-20 cars is $45/car
20-30 cars is $35/car.

Did you notice how good a deal this is? Yea, they club is funding the balance for you.

Based on last year’s record turnout I suspect we will have a big crowd this year. BTW, if you have another car that you would like to run you are welcome to bring it.

December 7th 2013 - NEVCA - Christmas Party
Time to start making plans for the last event of the year. The much anticipated Christmas party this year will be a tuff one to top.

You may recall last year we had an appearance from Rick’s Auntie Henrietta. What a blast she was. Well this year we stepped it up…

With the help of Jerry Colpitts, and his contacts we were able to book… Wait for it….

***************** Tony V *****************

That’s right the Tony V from Mass. Below is a copy of his bio from his website : www.tonyvcomic.com

Tony V started his stand-up comedy career in 1982 after attending several shows at Boston’s prestigious Comedy Connection. He wandered in one night, quite by accident, looking for a little stress relief from a high pressure job as a case worker at the Somerville Mental Health Center. Tony was working his way toward a Masters degree in social work having graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B. S. in Psychology. It was not long after that he took to the stage himself. Tony’s street wise humor tempered with a genuine feel for the human condition quickly propelled him to headliner status on the national comedy club circuit.

In 1986 Tony V was named “Funniest Person in Massachusetts” by Showtime television. He followed this achievement with several performances on HBO, the Arts and Entertainment Network, Comedy Central and MTV. From 1987 through 1992 Tony V became the “spokesperson” for American Tourister Luggage. Remember the suit case smashing gorilla? It was Tony that gave the ape it’s distinct voice and temperament. Touring extensively in and out of his high tech forty-five thousand dollar yak hair gorilla suit, both Tony and his alter ego had many interesting adventures.

Tony’s big screen outings include State and Main, Celtic Pride, Housesitter, One Crazy Summer and Shakes the Clown as well as the independently produced By the Sea and Abracadabra. Tony has also produced and written on several shows for network and production companies.


Now that you’ve read all that, mark your calendar for one crazy night of fun with your Viper friends and family.

Dec. 7th at the same hotel as last year. See evite for details.

Hotel has rooms for us at just $99 per night!

As we get closer we will have more details for you.

October 4th 2013 - NEVCA - Fall Foliage Weekend
Oct -4-6
The fall foliage event scheduled for October 6th will happen as scheduled, but if you really want to have some fun, come out for the whole weekend with us (Oct. 4-6). That’s right, we are turning the Fall Foliage event into an overnight event.

We are still working on the finishing details, but we will still have a cruise on Sunday along with the zip line at Gunstock.

This event is basically going to be two events in one. The fall foliage cruise and zip line on Sunday the 6th as planned, plus an overnight fun weekend with friends starting on the 4th. Friday night will be dinner as a group, Saturday will have options for golf, shopping, spa, beech time, ? (to be determined). Saturday night I’m thinking dinner boat cruise with dancing on the mnt Washington cruise ship / love boat.

I will keep you updated as plans come together.

You are welcome to drive up and join us for any of the activities that interest you. Please, just let me know what your plans are.

September 22nd 2013 - NEVCA - Autocross
Hurry, sign up now before this event is sold out. The last one I went to we had 12 Vipers attend and the competition was intense, but fun.

If you have never done this before but are interested, all I can say is go. You will then be come hooked like the rest of us.

This event is almost completely car safe. Nothing on the course to hit other than a cone. The course is over a mile long, and one of the best in NE.

Hours 7am to 6pm and they run rain or shine.
Fort Devens, 90 Fitchburg Rdý, Ayer, MA 01432

Sign up here: http://ne-svt.motorsportreg.com/

You will first need to sign up as a member, $10

Then sign up for the event $55.

Short money for all the fun you will have!

Less than 20 spot left. Hurry!

September 7th 2013 - NEVCA - Factory Five Tour
We are next headed to the Factory Five Facility tour in Wareham, MA. They manufacture reproduction kit cars. They have some pretty cool looking cars like the GTM Supercar, MK3 Roadster, 33 Hot Rod, 65 Roadster, and more. They were nice enough to open their plant and show us how the process works. They will show us how they weld the chassis and assemble the cars.

After the Factory tour we will head out for lunch (details tbd). This will be a nice event to check out some cool cars and to spend the day with some of your fellow Viper buddies. I hope you can make it.

August 18th 2013 - Rolling Car Show
You are not going to believe what we have in store for you this weekend. A car show with a great cause, Cancer!

A rolling car show, sponsored by the New England Firebird club. Last year they had 225 cars. The mopar club will be there as well so we should try to make a big showing. I am sure we will be a big hit as they have never had exotic cars attend.

The cruise goes from Funddrucker on Rte 28 in Methuen Ma. to Hampton Beach with the help of the Mass state police.

Everyone leaves together, starting out on the highway for 15 minutes, and then side roads the rest of the way.
No sitting at a light thanks to the State police. Every single stop sign, and red light is managed by the state police for you.

I think this is a great event for us since we all know someone that has battled cancer beside one of our member .

They ask for a minimum $10 donation but that seems too cheap if you ask me. $20 would be better. It would be awesome if we could collect a little extra to make a donation on behalf of NEVCA. The first 100 to register get a tee shirt. In addition Fuddruckers will be providing a complimentary continental breakfast.

In the middle of the cruise there is one stop at Skips Hamburgers. The state police will be putting on a dog show. I say we volunteer Rick to be the target for the dogs.

The days ends at Browns in Hampton where a lot of the people cruising have a lobster dinner.

The proceeds from this event will be going to the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s brain cancer research.

This is like the perfect event for us. I sure hope we can show up in force of this one.

August 11th 2013 - Clambake 2013
I can’t believe it; the annual clambake is upon us. It is the 8th annual event that Glenn and Maria are hosting at their home in southern, NH. If you don’t already know, they go over and above to host this event. If you have been to this event, I’m sure you’ll be there. If you have never attended this event, then you need to know this is an event not to be missed. Last year we had over 25 cars. We’d like to hit 30 this year. Glenn will start us off with a cruise on the back roads of southern NH. We will eventually end up at the Cote’s estate where we get a group photo of all the Vipers. When we arrive at Glenn and Maria’s house, you’ll be treated with a full fledge New England Clambake. Your choice is a lobster, chicken, or steak as the main course with ¼ lbs of steamers. Of course there will be salad, corn, mac salad, along with desserts, and drinks, etc.

The new cost of the clambake this year is $40.00 per person. When REGISTARING to this event with Evite it is important that we know if you are bringing a guest (see evite instructions below). Also let us know, what choices of food you and your guest would like.

We need to have the reservations back ASAP (RSVP by 8/7/13). We will collect the money the day of the event. This event is rain or shine. So if you reply saying you’re going, please show up. We just want everyone to have a great time. If you like driving with a large group of Vipers or have not in the past, this is your chance! Shawn Roubian usually makes a video of this event; you can’t be in it if you are not there.

June 29th 2013 - Machine Gun Shoot
You will experience the adrenalin pumping action of fully automatic machine gun fire. No experience necessary, sure to put a SMILE on your face! If you have eye and/or ear protection please remember to bring them, if not there will be some available. Also, bring your Viper folding chairs from the Christmas party.

Shooting will be from approximately 10:30 - 2:00 with light refreshments at the range to hold you over until the shooting is concluded at which time we will go to Mark and Fran's house for a cookout by the pool. Please feel free to bring your swimsuits and towels so you can cool off with a dip in the pool.

Last year this event was awesome. It started with a police escort (blue lights flashing) and traffic pulled over on both sides of the road to let the police car and 20 vipers pass. Then at the quarry there was a hundred machine guns and unlimited ammo. The targets include (full) propane tanks and other explosive targets. Following that was a pool side cookout with Francine's famous fruit desert. http://www.neviperclub.org/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=4804&limit=recent

June 22nd 2013 - Ryan's Ride Car Show
Ryan's Ride is a fundraising bike ride or walk with a hot rod car show. The ride is a 12 mile scenic route from Plymouth Rock to Myles Standish State Forest and back to the waterfront. The walk is a 3.1 mile loop from the waterfront to Stephens Field, through downtown and back to Plymouth Rock.

Registration is $20 from 8-10am the day of the event. On-line registration is encouraged. Prizes will be awarded to top sponsorships. Other events of the day (10am-4pm) are Craft Fair, Car Show, Music, and Food.

We are working on a cook-out for afterwards.


June 1st 2013 - Band, Beer, and BBQ Car Show
A fun filled day of music, beer, and great food. Oh yea, and a car show. They are providing us with special Viper parking and free admission. How can you pass that up. Free!

The event organizers are hoping to see as many exotic cars as we can corral. So if you want, you are encouraged to bring any exotic car you prefer.

Tim Cloutier has been working with the event’s coordinators and it looks like the cars show is going to be a major draw. At minimum it should be a Vipers vs Vets. The best case is this turns into an exotic car show. They are starting to promote the car show so who knows where it will go. Spread the word!

May 17th 2013 - Tator Toga
Its time again for great Tator Toga and Saratoga Automobile Museum. Yes we have been invited back to the prestigious Saratoga Automobile Museum for their Spring Car Show May 18th: http://saratogaautomuseum.org/autoshow/ Upper right hand corner, red button "Store" will take you to the per-registration at $10 or day of the show $15.

Friday nights dinner is at the "Log Jam" [two miles from the Hotel] http://www.logjamrestaurant.com/ at 2000hrs [8:00pm] on May 17th. If you would like to join us for dinner.

The Saratoga Car Show has had attendance of over 700 cars! For seven years of the Viper Club going, we have had the record for the most cars of any one group ALL seven years!! Fifty or more Vipers in a line gets some attention....