Welcome to the New England Region of the Viper Club of America, your home to Dodge Vipers in New England

The Viper Club of America (VCA) was officially launched on a national basis in May of 1995 when twelve Viper Registry Representatives met with Dodge Marketing in Detroit to form the Viper Club of America.

The New England Region of the Viper Club of America came into existance in 1996, 4 years after the release of the Dodge Viper.

The club's objectives are simple:
- Help Viper Owners have more fun with their Vipers
- Facilitate communication between club regions and Dodge
- Create a unified look and voice

Chrysler Corporation and Dodge Marketing's official blessing of VCA provided access to Team Viper for support and the permission to use Viper-related trademarks. Since its inception VCA has nearly doubled its number of regions and expanded Internationally to include regions in Switzerland, Japan and Canada. VCA Regions are a great place to meet other Viperholics, and membership in the VCA's national organization entitles you to merchandise discounts, a membership card, and a year subscription to VIPER Magazine. For more information on VCA national, or the New England Region, write, call, or E-mail one of our officers.

Past Presidents of the New England Region

1996 – 2001: Marilyn Savage

2002 – 2003: Don Boston

2003 – 2005: Dave Dugal

2006 – 2007: Jeff Torrey

2008 – 2009: Jerry Colpitts

2010 – Present: Rick Desrosiers